A mod for pleroma that hides statistics.
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Pleroma Mod Sociable

Ever wanted to remove that favorite button? Couldn’t care any less about statistics in your social media experience? Do you just want to TALK to people again instead of pushing buttons?

Then this is for you. This mod removes the favorite and emoji-react buttons and hides all statistics, including:

  • Reply count
  • Repeat count
  • Favorite count
  • Emoji reactions and their counts
  • Post count
  • Follower count
  • Following count
  • Average post per day count

And yes, I can hear you think “But Fristi, pleroma-fe already had settings for that!” WELL THIS MOD IS THE CREAM OF THE CROP AND NOBODY DOES IT BETTER.

“But what about the notifications?” Well see, I also wanted to implement something for that, but then I figured pleroma-fe already can filter notifications for you. No need for me to reinvent the wheel. It goes without saying that this mod works best with notification filtering.

For who is this?

I mostly wrote this for myself because I hated all the attention-hoarding statistics and generally wanted to make my pleroma experience a little bit more old school, like old fashioned bulletin board and image board software. No counters, no liking, just you, a text editor, a reply button, and a thread full of nerds. REAL COMMUNICATION. Hence the name of the mod, “sociable”.

I would recommend this mod to those that suffer from things like social anxiety, to allow better focus on simply holding conversations, while forgetting about accumulating meaningless likes, shares and followers. For the best effect, go to your notification settings and filter out everything but normal replies.


Go to your pleroma-mods directory and run the following command:

sudo -u pleroma git clone http://git.subcon.town/subcon.town/pleroma-mod-sociable.git

Now go to your pleroma-mod-loader configuration and add sociable to enable the mod.

Install (alternative)

If you’re not an instance admin, you can still make this mod work for you personally, since it’s just a few css rules. You can use browser addons like Stylus to apply custom styling to any website you want. Simply copy the contents of the style.css file in this repository, and paste them in a custom stylesheet for the instance you’re using.


There is no configuration as of yet.


You can find me on the fediverse: https://kartoffel.cafe/fristi.